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How a text message turned into a sale…

For years I’ve been telling Dad (who is a full time RE/MAX agent) to do mobile real estate marketing for his listings. He kept saying he wanted to but he never got around to it. Sound familiar?  I hope not, for your sake. Here’s why…

A week or two ago I decided to do Dad a favor and setup a few of his listings with a mobile real estate sign rider like the one below.

Below is the type of sign rider I setup for Dad’s listings…
(You’re welcome to call or text the #s on this sign to try it out for yourself.)

Within a few days he started having people use it to get more information on his listings.

I told Dad to follow up with the people who requested info and see if he could help them buy a home. The second person he contacted was very interested in buying and ready to work with Dad as their Realtor.

He went out and showed them homes that week. Dad is confident they will be buying a home within a few weeks.

I don’t think Dad would have gotten this customer without the mobile real estate marketing sign rider on his listing. That’s because Dad told me the buyers didn’t call his main phone number asking about the home. Plus if they had there’s a good chance Dad wouldn’t have answered their call because he’s super busy.

If you’re not using a mobile marketing sign rider on your listings then you’re leaving a LOT of deals on the table.

Check out the new mobile real estate marketing software my team of programmers just finished. This software was created by Realtors for Realtors. It has everything our team has always wanted in a mobile
marketing app…without all of the confusing features. Check it out and see for yourself.

Because I’m just launching this software for the first time today you can get a special deal when you
sign up right away.

Even if you don’t use my software you should be using something like it for your listings. It can
really increase your sales. Do yourself a favor and go get one.

All the best,
Calvin Curry

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